It is a small, four-seater boat, designed mainly for fishing. A well-designed, ergonomic and above all – stable.

Thanks to the clever design, the length is almost four meters, the boat is very stable, in conjunction with a flat bottom, and the relatively high sides, the whole is very convenient. Moreover, the design of two shell provides incredible strength.

The boat has a flat deck with a smooth surface, which certainly helps to keep it clean and safe as well as the supporting leg during rowing and more stable behavior of the boat while moving on the deck passengers.

Yukon has two lockers, one at the bow and stern. Removable bench allows a lot of space inside the boat. Standard equipment also includes, among other things, two oarlocks and transom under the engine. This allows both diving with blades or the motor.

Technical description:

The boat was designed to sail on small lakes, rivers and canals wind conditions of up to 4 degrees on the Beaufort scale and waves up to 0.5 meters high.

Design Category D.

Length370 cm
Width150 cm
Weight120 kg
Limit4 persons or 550 kg
Power6 KW/8KM
Rowery Wodne