Sun Ferry

Sun Ferry

Sun Ferry or simply “platform”. It is large and comfortable water bike (pedal boat) with a wide range of applications. The large usable area offers excellent conditions for comfortable rest even for a few people.

Although sizable, Sun Ferry is easy to drive and surprisingly agile. Through innovative projects, steering and propulsion systems, its large dimensions do not interfere with the comfortable navigating and moving through the water.

Solutions to improve safety (eg .: anti-slip surfaces or rails) make our customers choose mostly this kind. Workmanship, durability make Sun Ferry perfect choice for rental sport water equipment.

Attractive design and perfect project “Platform» distinguish it from competing bikes. SUNFERRY is comfortable, attractive and large water bike which is the hit of every equipment rental.

Key features:

  • The large surface.
  • Maneuverability and ease of handling.
  • Durability and workmanship.
  • Safety.
Length460 cm
Width160 cm
Weight220 kg
Crew6 persons or 650 kg
Rowery Wodne