This is a universal two-layer boat. It can be used not only as a fishing boat but also for recreation.

Dorada has two lockers – stern and bow. The inside bench can be dismantled that allows to free up a lot of extra space in the middle of the boat and while fishing, for example, facilitates the movement inside the boat.

In Spite of boat’s small size it is very stable and easy to steer. Small size does not interfere with the engine installation. Dorada is made to have an opportunity to steer the boat with the oars or to mount a small electric motor or engine.

Traditionally, high quality and ergonomics allows to use this perfect boat both for personal use and for commercial purposes – rental boats.

Length310 cm
Width130 cm
Weight60 kg
Limit3 persons or 300 kg
Power3,7 KW/5 KM
Rowery Wodne